An interactive fiction in which you've lost something precious. Something important. You've lost your Tomorrow. As you play through the story, your decisions on where to search will affect what you find. Be wary of strangers, and be sure you know what you want.

Best played with sound turned on.


Lost Tomorrow 24 MB


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Wonderful little game! The music is fantastic and adds the uncanny atmosphere that builds over the course of the story. One spelling bug I found was in the 2nd passage into the stacks of the library "walking further into the darken room".

Each ending was interesting - I got the shop ending first and I feel like it's the one that speaks to me the most, but the café ending was probably the most pleasant. The whole game plays out like a dream: strange and lovely and unnerving in equal measure. Great work completing it in under 48 hours!

Thanks Paxton! I appreciate all your help and advice during this jam!